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NeoFusion Creative Foundation

We would like to introduce the NGOStory of NeoFusion Creative Foundation run by Dr Anubhooti Bhatnagar (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-anubhooti-bhatnagar-78342310) Her journey started with seeing her own househelp facing problems with her teenager and she came up with the idea of channelizing the youth of the underpriviledged section. An impossible task as summed up by her family members, she fought again all odds and started with her first centre at Jaipur. Dr Anubhooti is also a published writer, certified coach and a professional artist. She knew that this age group can’t be simply drawn to the path of education but there has to be a way to catch their attention and then channelize it into meaningful education. Hence, she started by introducing music and art forms as a medium to develop interest. With her empathetic but assertive attitude, she developed a strong bond not with the kids but also their parents. “ Maa” as they call her, the youth of this foundation is not only paving their way to excellence but also have the confidence to fulfill their new dreams and aspirations. Dr Anubhooti is working relentlessly to support and upgrade their skills by conducing in house training programs and sessions from industry experts to help in shape their career path.

The team of this foundation is creating a substantial impact in producing self reliant and responsible individuals. All they need is support in terms of volunteers and funding for running their centres. Currently, NeoFusion is based out of two centres, in Gurgaon and Jaipur respectively.

Address 1 : C 57 Basement, Rosewood City, Sec 49, Gurgaon 122018 (Haryana)

Address 2 : 38 Basement, Krishna Vihar, Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur 302015 (Rajasthan)

To more about this foundation, you can click on the link below:

NGO Websiteneofusioncreativefoundation.org

For volunteering or funding, you can write to us at (info@ngostories.in)

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Sarvaprayag Trust

We would like to introduce the NGOStory of Sarvaprayag Trust founded by Deepti Sharma. Holding an MSc  degree in Organic Chemistry, an MBA in Finance., she has worked in corporate for 15 yrs . After exiting from Max Life as Vice President Sales, Deepti decided to fulfill her passion of giving it back to the society. Her NGO started with the vision of educating and nurturing the underprivileged kids and women.  Her team of 25 volunteers are from diversified career backgrounds and aim to create a substantial impact in the lives of children associatedWith a headcount of 119 kids in a span of one year, Deepti is all set to expand her horizon by conducting workshops in different slums and nearby areas to encourage participation. With the unprecedented support from her family and friends, she is also trying to enroll kids in government schools. Currently, Sarvaprayag operates in three centres of Gurgaon.

Address- Mayfield Slums, B Block South City 2,  Tigra Aganwaadi

To more about this foundation, you can click on the link below:

NGO Website- Www.sarvprayag.org

For volunteering or funding, you can write to us at (info@ngostories.in)

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Alankaar India Trust

 We would like to introduce the NGOStory of Alankaar India Trust founded by Shobhit Saxena. He started teaching underprivileged children almost 5 years ago when he was volunteering for another NGO. It was then that he realized his passion towards teaching and looking at sad state of the underprivileged children, he nurtured the idea of running his own NGO. Shobit is also a corporate veteran with an experience of 12 years and is currently working as a Solution Architect at TCS.  With its team of 150+ volunteers, Alankaar aims to improvise the quality of education of the underprivileged kids.  Their diversified team of different age groups and qualifications imparts the energy and creativity to create value in education.

Currently, Alankaar operates in three centres of Gurgaon.

1182, Ground Floor, sec-15 part 2, Gurgaon

Nitin Tiwari Park,Sec-45 Gurgaon

Behind Country Inn hotel, sector 14 Market, old-delhi Gurgaon Road. Gurgaon

To more about this foundation, you can click on the link below:

NGO Website- http://alankaar.org.in

For volunteering or funding, you can write to us at (info@ngostories.in)

Maanushya Foundation

We are delighted to introduce the NGOStory of Maanushya Foundation initiated by Manish Singh. With an objective of transforming the educational landscape in rural areas, this foundation has been collaborating with the government schools and conduct workshops pertaining to health, sanitization and vocational programs. They have successfully been able to sensitize and increase the awareness amongst the teaching staff & the underprivileged children in their neighbouring areas.

The journey started when a group of three engineers came across slum kids begging for food & money. This sad state touches every human. But for Manish and his friends Roshni & Ashutosh, there was a dire need for call to action. This led to the foundation of Maanushya. They initially started collecting old clothes and distributed the same in slums. This later on matured into ideologies of paving the way for education for the children from low -income groups. This youth led foundation with its fervor has been able to touch hundreds of lives. With a mission to start a school for the slum kids and make education accessible to all, this foundation is striving hard each day to achieve their goal. Currently, there are active in Pune (Maharashtra) and Rohtas (Bihar)

To know more about this foundation, you can click on the link below:

Website: http://www.maanushya.org/

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