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Is consistency a problem in volunteering for NGOs?

Is consistency a problem in volunteering for NGOs?

There are multiple people who appreciate the idea of volunteering for NGOs and understand the importance of educating kids from low-income groups. Several NGOs come up with their need of donating time rather than materialistic things. But is this information alone solving the problem?

The answer is NO. We have a bunch of retired professionals, part-time employees, Homemakers and social activists willing to give time to the NGO and be a part of their change-making program. But, often due to some reason or other, they are not able to be consistent in making contribution. In our conversation with the founder of Alankaar India Trust, Mr. Shobit Saxena, he said that they have categorized their volunteers under two buckets:

Dormant and Active. While the Active ones are consistent in fervor and contribution, the dormant ones come on need/ priority basis. For the growth of any organization or social entity, people are an integral part. With this bunch of people from diversified career backgrounds, one can expect a phenomenal change. During our visit to Project Sunshine school, one of the teachers said that they urgently need a volunteer for teaching dance to the students. We connected them to a volunteer who was more than happy to teach children different dance forms and was staying few miles away from the school. Every individual is uniquely talented. It could be story telling, art class, dance forms, poetry recitation, career counseling, psychological counseling, any exposure which you feel could be vital for the growth or could create some value. We help you connect with NGOs and volunteer for their ongoing program or suggest your role in shaping their lives.

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