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The social impact sector is growing hugely across the world. In India, there has been a tremendous increase in support through funders, social entrepreneurs, government and corporates towards the inclusive growth of the NGOs. At the same time, NGOs are increasingly realizing the need to grow from within, building people capacity, grooming leaders, putting processes in place, in order to become stronger and sustainable organizations.

Funders and investors in social impact are looking to see the social return on their investment – and today, there is a gap between the intended outcomes they want to achieve and the progress on the ground.


This is where social impact consulting comes in .

  • To support organizations in delivering social impact in a scalable and sustainable manner.
  • Social impact firms could support companies and organizations on various fronts – from program design to auditing and compliance, evaluations, implementation, impact assessment, technical expertise etc.
  • Helping funders to maximize their social return on investment


There are multiple funders who want to contribute in the right social path. A social consultancy acts as a bridge to facilitate their funding in the needful NGO.